The Great Name List began a decade ago. The year was 1999, an outstanding year for names. The first Great Name: Jim DOW. Following Jim DOW, Gordon Gecko. Then Tyson OVENdorfer, and so on and so forth.

Now here in 2010 The Great Name List continues with hundreds of names. You may wonder what constitutes a great name. Is the name funny? Memorable? Weird? Canadian? Sure, good chance.

Great Names are statements. They are names that stand the test of time. These names have been with us for a decade, many before. These Great Names become part of our lexicon through the joy of repetition. You repeat the name over and over and the name remains great. Peter Laviolette! say it. Laviolette! Laviolette! Freddy DeeeeCordoVa!

If the name bears repeating, is easy to pronounce and has a few hard consonants, most likely it’s a GREAT NAME.


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